Feb 12, 2022
Envato Marketplace
John Magura


Industrial automation is currently used as a tool that contributes to improving various stages immersed in production processes, thus improving aspects related to precision in component dosing, accuracy in the sequencing of events, self-regulation and improvement of the location of the final product. Automating a process guarantees the logical control relationship between sensors and actuators of a process, however through communication protocols it is necessary to seek to implement supervision, control and data acquisition systems. These communications protocols guarantee the adequate interface in the sensors and actuators of a process, interrelating it through an industrial network, which allows the supervision and monitoring in real time of the variability of the indicators during the execution of the production process.

An aspect to highlight in SCADA systems is that they allow in a friendly way to show the behavior of the critical variables in a process, becoming a strategic element at the industrial level, integrally linking geographically dispersed subsystems arranged in a plant.

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